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Amethyst silver pendant

Amethyst silver pendant


Modern pendant in solid 925 ° silver, round shape, set with a beautiful raw amethyst.

On silver metal necktie.

Possibility of placing it on a cord.

Diameter: 1.9 cm.
Height with stone: 1.2 cm.

Delivered in a case, a chamois cloth offered to clean your jewel!


Amethyst is the stone of the month for February.

It is part of the great Quartz family.

It is the most coveted faceted cut gemstone in Quartz and therefore the most valued.

Its color is always purple or mauve.

The more intense it is, the more valuable it is.

Its name comes from the Greek a-methustes or amethistos meaning "who protects from drunkenness" because, in antiquity, the Greeks considered it a good remedy against drunkenness.

The benefits of amethyst: heals the mind and emotions, alleviates depression, calms and stimulates the mind, relieves stress

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