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925° silver earrings, malachites

925° silver earrings, malachites


Pair of graphic earrings, in 925 ° silver, simple and refined design.

They are decorated with beautiful malachite beads, natural, green color.

Silver clasps, Belgian strollers.

Diameter of the pearls: 8 mm.

Dimensions of the buckles: Length 6.5 cm
Width 4 mm

Comfortable, elegant, Art Deco style, they are unique.

Delivered in a case, a chamois cloth offered to clean and shine your jewel.


The Egyptians, the Greeks, the Romans have used it since ancient times. It was used as decoration, to make objects of art or worship and, sprayed, they were used for make-up or as a base for dyes.
Light green to very dark green color with alternation of light and dark bands forming rectilinear or scalloped, complex, irregular figures.
Its crystals are rare, needle-like and very small, not large enough to cut translucent or even transparent stones.

It is a copper carbonate attacked by acids, heat, ammonia. Quickly clean with lukewarm soapy water, rinse thoroughly then dry immediately with a soft cloth.

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