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tourmaline needle quarts

Quartz cabochons with tourmaline needles

When I was little, I already liked to pick up pebbles, stones, pieces of wood, shells, pieces of glass ...

I walked around, my eyes still down in search of a little treasure, which I then kept preciously ...

les pierres

My grandma, Anna, also loved stones, she had a nice collection of them in her window, which she brought back from her travels.

I admired them every time.

Certainly she transmitted her passion to me ...

bague argent et turquoise


silver and oval citrine ring


silver ring and round citrine


20 years of experience in jewelry expertise, allow me to acquire a certain sensitivity to jewelry, stones, my eye sharpens ...

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

Mother Nature offers us incredible treasures, coming from the depths of the Earth and the seabed.

silver and malachite earrings
vermeil earrings, natural gray cultured pearls


Cultured pearl

boxes containing my stones and jewelry sketches

This is the reason why I wanted to learn more about stones:

know their chemical composition, the producing countries, their inclusions ... etc

My gemology courses, level 1 & 2 ,

allowed me to approach the stones more closely, to acquire certain knowledge ...


My eye sharpens, sharpens, over the years,

the desire to create my own collection is growing...

I buy my stones in mineral exchanges, shops, but most of them come from a stone merchant, , which travels the planet in search of these little treasures.

For the setting , I call on a very good setter from the Place de Lyon, recognized for his excellent work:

Stephane Marti

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